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A Frost Of Death And Deceit - Hardback

A Frost Of Death And Deceit - Hardback

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Gregor is back, and this time, he's not alone. 

Two years have passed since Gregor awoke from his icy grave, and his journey against the darkness has been relentless. But fate has a twist in store on this cold winters night.

Stranded in a small town due to a broken sleigh, Gregor's path takes a sinister turn. A tavern owner's brutal murder screams of a demon's work, yet his three daughters remain eerily unharmed. Teaming up with a determined local lawman, Gregor delves into the underbelly of the town, unraveling a mystery that hits closer to home than he ever anticipated.

As they edge closer to the truth, Gregor confronts a shocking revelation: the demon he hunts is intricately linked to his own forgotten past. In a world where nothing is as it seems, can Gregor face the demons of his memories before they consume him?

"A Frost Of Death And Deceit" welcomes you once again to the brutal world of Levanthria. This story combines elements of action-packed dark fantasy with inspirations drawn from rich folklore legends. For those captivated by stories steeped in forgotten lore and the thrilling struggle against both internal and external demons, Gregor's newest journey is a must-read.

Will Gregor's past be his downfall, or will it fuel his fight against the darkness that surrounds him?

Father Christmas has never been so badass.


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