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A House Of Powder And Plot - Ebook

A House Of Powder And Plot - Ebook

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An isolated inventor burdened by loss. Can his newfound invention bring justice or will it plunge the kingdom into chaos? 

Morvin Torhold has spent years in solitude, haunted by the death of his wife and son in the Great War. A dwarven inventor, he channels his grief into creating something extraordinary: a unique powder that powers a weapon unlike any ever seen in Levanthria.

Just when Morvin resigns himself to a life of lonely obscurity, a charismatic mage appears with a tempting offer. A path to vengeance against the one person he blames for his family’s death—the king himself. All he needs to do is help the mage and his motley crew of outcasts infiltrate the heavily-guarded royal base deep within Zorubia. The goal? Nothing short of regicide.

As Morvin grapples with the morality of assassinating a ruler, he must also navigate the complexities of working with a group of societal misfits. Will they become Levanthria's most wanted heroes or its most notorious criminals?

"A House Of Powder And Plot" is a fast paced, heist adventure set in the Tales of Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you're captivated by morally complex heist stories, jaw-dropping inventions, and underdog tales of vengeance, you won’t be able to put down A.P Beswick's latest narrative.

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