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A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn - Audiobook

A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn - Audiobook

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Her choice is to serve or die. In the aftermath of shattered innocence, will the hunt for her magick claim her last breath?

Zerina Redfearn is naïve to the world's cruelty. So when she and her sisters are dragged from their home and put on trial for witchcraft, she’s horrified to be trapped between being enslaved in the king’s forces or execution. But after witnessing her siblings' cruel deaths, she unleashes her powers for the first time and makes her escape.

Joining two refugees in fleeing to the perilous ocean with enemy ships in hot pursuit, Zerina wields her gifts against deadly threats even though each use torments her body. And as she pays an agonizing price by aging prematurely, she fears she won’t reach the cure seen in a vision before she perishes.

Can Zerina turn the tide on a crippling future?

A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn is the gripping second book in the Tales of Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you like dangerous quests, good girls gone badass, and relentless action, then you’ll love A.P Beswick’s windswept adventure.

Buy A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn to enter a storm of misfortune today!

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