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A War Of Chaos And Fury - Part 1 - Pre Order

A War Of Chaos And Fury - Part 1 - Pre Order

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This is for the pre-order of A War Of Chaos And Fury - Out 6th August 2024. Please understand that the book will not be delivered until this date. 

"A War Of Chaos And Ruin" thrusts you into the heart-stopping finale of The Levanthria Series. For eight harrowing years, the iron grip of Rhagor—a tyrant god masquerading as the prophesied savior—has choked Levanthria, pushing it to the edge of annihilation. Trapped within the confines of mortal flesh, Rhagor frantically hunts for an ancient artifact, his key to unleashing an era of darkness and reshaping the world under his sinister rule.

As Rhagor’s menacing plans cast a shadow over Levanthria, the fates of its fabled heroes intertwine, in part 1 of this electrifying climax.

Can the Legends of Levanthria shatter the chains of Rhagor's tyranny, or will his dark vision doom the world to eternal ruin? Prepare for a whirlwind of action, heroism, and suspense in A.P Beswick’s gripping finale of The Levanthria Series “A War Of Chaos And Ruin."

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