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Spirit Beasts Awakening - Ebook

Spirit Beasts Awakening - Ebook

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Book 1 in The Spirit Beast Saga

How far will he go to release the beast....

With his fifteenth birthday just around the corner, Arnold Ethon's feeling the pressure. He still doesn't have a Spirit Beast, that special creature deeply connected to a person's soul. It's like a mirror of their inner self. Some lucky ones get unique powers that match their Spirit Beast, while others can even make these mystical beings appear in the real world. But Arnold? He's still waiting for his to show up.

When Arnold rescues a retired Doyen from attack the esteemed Spirit Wardens presents Arnold and his best friend, Otto, with an irresistible offer to join their ranks. Jumping headfirst, they delve into an intense journey, sharpening their ties with the spirit realm and uncovering their dormant abilities.

But tranquillity is short-lived. A scar-faced enemy, hell-bent on vengeance against the Spirit Wardens, emerges from the shadows. Arnold's life, along with the lives of those he loves, is thrust into dire peril. 

Facing imminent danger, just how far will Arnold go to awaken the beast within?

"Spirit Beasts Awakening" plunges you into a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. If you savour expertly woven alternate realms resonating with familiarity, this novel will captivate you.

Embrace the unpredictable, awaken the spirit beast. Bag your copy of "Spirit Beasts Awakening" right now and buckle up for Arnold Ethon's electrifying adventure towards his destined path!


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