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Spirit Beasts Unleashed - Audiobook

Spirit Beasts Unleashed - Audiobook

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Book 2 In The Spirit Beast Saga

How far will he go to master his newfound power?

Still reeling from his Grandad's murder and haunted by the exile of his best friend Otto, Arnold Ethon's life is frayed at the edges. Just when he thinks he's seen the depths of his challenges, a feral spirit beast unlike anything he's ever encountered strikes, putting everyone he loves in grave danger. But who—or what—is behind this terrifying creature?

As if battling a monstrous beast isn't enough, Arnold finds himself thrust into uncharted territory when he draws on raw energy from the spirit world, awakening an uncontrollable ability called Spirit Wielding. With family secrets spilling out and this new, volatile power to master, Arnold is put to the ultimate test. Can he harness his newfound ability in time to defend those closest to him, and seek revenge against the merciless Levent?

Will he survive against the spirit beast that stalks him?

"Spirit Beasts Unleashed" escalates the stakes in a world that defies the boundaries between the ordinary and the magical. If unexpected turns, escalating suspense and kick ass action keep you reading, you'll devour this next installment.

Face the unimaginable, harness the spirit beast within. Grab "Spirit Beasts Unleashed" and brace yourself for Arnold Ethon's next adventure.

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