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The Ballad Of The Borag-I

The Ballad Of The Borag-I

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An Orc unlike any other, caught between his clan’s tradition and the strings of his heart...

Bo, an Orc unlike any other within the fierce ranks of the Fire Tusk Clan, stands at a crossroads. As he nears the age of initiation, the expectation to embrace the clan's ruthless warrior spirit weighs heavily upon him. But Bo harbours a secret passion that sets him apart—a deep-seated love for music and storytelling.

You see, Bo doesn't want to be a warrior, he wants to be a bard.

When his moment of truth arrives, Bo's refusal to conform to the violent rites of passage leads to disaster. Branded a pariah and cast out from the only home he's ever known, Bo finds himself wandering the harsh, sprawling wastelands, his broken guitar the only thing left of his past.

Follow Bo as he sets about forming his own epic tale, one that people will sing across the lands. Bo may have been forged in the embers of The Fire Tusk Clan but he was destined to become the legend behind The Ballad Of The Borag-I.

“The Ballad Of The Borag-I” Is a cozy fantasy novella set in A.P Beswick’s best selling world of Levanthria. If you love tales of resilience, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of one's true calling then this story promises to resinate with your own heart strings. 

A Cozy fantasy set in the world Of Levanthria, this book also contains a BONUS five chapters from A.P Beswick's upcoming book A War Of Chaos And Fury - Part 1.   

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