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The Levanthria Series Mega Bundle - Paperback

The Levanthria Series Mega Bundle - Paperback

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Grab all the books in paperback in the Levanthria Series so far in an exclusive discounted bundle. 

Levanthria Series Order

1) A Forest Of Vanity And Valour - An aggressive debt collector banished from the kingdom. Now his life depends on his ability to help the less fortunate…

2) A Sea Of Sorrow And Scorn - Her choice is to serve or die. In the aftermath of shattered innocence, will the hunt for her magick claim her last breath?

3) A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty - Tormented by a curse and his own misdeeds. Can a fallen knight claim redemption by saving a realm on the verge of ruin?

4) A Stone Of Destiny And Despair - Once a humble priest, now a tormented wanderer. Will Jordell Torvin succumb to his own corruption, or will he wield a divine destiny to save his world from despair?

5) A House Of Powder And Plot - (A companion story, set during A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty.) An isolated inventorburdened by loss. Can his newfound invention bring justice or will it plunge the kingdom into chaos?

6) A Frost Of Fear And Fortitude (Standalone Novella)- An aged man awoken from an icy grave, with a message from the gods. Defeat the darkness that consumes Levanthria. 


7) A Frost Of Death And Deceit - Gregor is back, and this time, he's not alone.Two years have passed since Gregor awoke from his icy grave, and his journey against the darkness has been relentless. But fate has a twist in store on this cold winters night.

8) A Heart Of Secrets And Shadows - Calla Valento, a princess destined to unite two kingdoms, is trapped in a political engagement devoid of affection. Burdened with securing prosperity for her kingdom through her union to Prince Edmund, Calla's heart yearns for a forbidden love. A love that is hides in the shadows of royal grounds.

9) The Ballad Of The Borag-I - Bo, an Orc unlike any other within the fierce ranks of the Fire Tusk Clan, stands at a crossroads. As he nears the age of initiation, the expectation to embrace the clan's ruthless warrior spirit weighs heavily upon him. But Bo harbours a secret passion that sets him apart—a deep-seated love for music and storytelling.

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