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A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty - Dyslexic Font Edition - Paperback

A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty - Dyslexic Font Edition - Paperback

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Paperback - Dyslexic Font

This is for the Dyslexic Friendly Font editions of The Levanthria Series in paperback. 


Grab the first four books in paperback in the Levanthria Series. This specialist font is designed to aid people with dyslexia who may struggle with reading. 


Book 3 in The Levanthria Series


Tormented by a curse and his own misdeeds. Can a fallen knight claim redemption by saving a realm on the verge of ruin?

Orjan Varega suffocates under a crisis of faith. Trapped in the form of a fearsome lizard man by an ancient Elven spell, the once-renowned knight sleeps rough, drinks hard, and struggles to survive as a bounty hunter. But after a boy who offers him food falls prey to ruthless thugs, the protective fighter comes to the child’s aid and gains a formidable enemy.

As a brutal faction calling themselves the Wyverns terrorizes the land, Orjan agrees to bring them down in exchange for a sorceress’s help ending his enchantment. But when he’s blackmailed into entering vicious gladiatorial pits, he fears each vile clash takes him one step closer to truly becoming a monster.

With his brutality unleashed for the bloodlust of crowds, can he cling to his inner hero and claw Eltera back from the brink?

A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty is the fast-paced third book in the Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you like complex characters, gritty action, and dark tales, then you’ll love A.P Beswick’s battle to the death.  

Buy A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty to break the hex today!


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