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A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty - Ebook

A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty - Ebook

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Tormented by a curse and his own misdeeds. Can a fallen knight claim redemption by saving a realm on the verge of ruin?

Orjan Varega suffocates under a crisis of faith. Trapped in the form of a fearsome lizard man by an ancient Elven spell, the once-renowned knight sleeps rough, drinks hard, and struggles to survive as a bounty hunter. But after a boy who offers him food falls prey to ruthless thugs, the protective fighter comes to the child’s aid and gains a formidable enemy.

As a brutal faction calling themselves the Wyverns terrorizes the land, Orjan agrees to bring them down in exchange for a sorceress’s help ending his enchantment. But when he’s blackmailed into entering vicious gladiatorial pits, he fears each vile clash takes him one step closer to truly becoming a monster.

With his brutality unleashed for the bloodlust of crowds, can he cling to his inner hero and claw Eltera back from the brink?

A Kingdom Of Courage And Cruelty is the fast-paced third book in the Levanthria fantasy-retelling series. If you like complex characters, gritty action, and dark tales, then you’ll love A.P Beswick’s battle to the death.

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